Sue Spiers Demonstration 23rd May 2018

The evening was everything we had expected it to be, Sue is a very accomplished artist and never fails to give to give an interesting and informative demonstration.

digSue had already drawn out the scene on 140lb pre stretched Not surface paper, made up from two of her own photos, of a Thames barge at Maldon. Working almost vertically on her easel, (not the ideal way to paint in watercolour), she laid on the sky wash of Winsor Blue, Ultramarine and Raw Sienna and allowed this to dry. Gradually she built up the picture, Ultramarine and Winsor blue reflecting the sky were used for the water and  muted colours for the background trees and buildings. The sky which was now dry, allowed Sue to put in the sails using a mix of Light Red and Burnt Siennadig

adding a darker tone for the shadow area and give the sails form. the water was given a further wash of deeper tone  before she put in the details of the boats.

What made a really refreshing change in this demonstration was the fact that Sue managed to paint almost the entire picture  davwhilst standing to one side so everyone could see the picture as it evolved. Sue did say that she would have to complete the finer details later in her studio and below is the finished article. Thank you Sue for a great evening and we look forward to the next time that you are able to demonstrate for us.

Sue's final painting

Sue will be exhibiting in the forthcoming Burnham and Chelmsford art trails, both on at the same time, details of the Burnham Art trail are as follows:



Report and photographs by Colin Mossman



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