David Hyde Demonstration 11 July 2018

Well, despite the football, we had good attendance at David’s demonstration last night which we all enjoyed.

David’s subject this time was a barn owl in acrylic, he had prepared his painting beforehand by drawing the owl and painting in the background. The board he used was MDF that had been prepared by painting several layers of white acrylic gesso, sanding in between each coat with a fine sand paper to give a smooth surface on which to paint.

20180711_193348He started to build up the painting by using thin layers of acrylic paint, he explained that, for his style of painting, if used too thick, the paint would leave brush marks and hide the under drawing, if too thin and watery, the acrylic would eventually breakdown the acylic polymer and flake. He mixed his paint so that it was a thin creamy consistency so that each layer was quite transparent.20180711_201345_001After putting in certain dark shadows under some of the feathers he began to block in the owl body and the log it was standing on with a dark but transparent undertone to give form to the picture. Next he added progressive thin layers to finally give life to the owl, although he said normally it would take him several hours to do justice to the painting so he had to make a few shortcuts to finish in time. However, shortcuts or not, I’m sure you will agree, the finished article is a really beautiful picture.20180711_213309So thank you David for a really interesting, inspirational and informative evening from which I know we all learnt a lot, we look forward to the next time you are able to visit.

Pictures and text by Colin Mossman.


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