Paul Vousden Demonstration Wednesday 26th September

What a brilliant demonstration Paul gave us Wednesday last, it really was most interesting.

Paul had already prepared a board with acrylic gesso and a deep purple background, he had also use a texture paste for the outline of the buildings for the cafe scene.

Before he started painting, Paul showed us his range of palette knives that he would be using, he explained that he rarely uses brushes these days, and the few that he does use are quite small and short, more like very small palette knives. He went on to show us the type of acrylic paints he uses and also, which was very interesting, he passed around a board that had the various types of texture pastes that he employed and the effect they gave when painted over.



Paul’s colours were: cadmium orange, yellow ochre, and white. The orange and yellow were applied neat at first then, by adding a little white to each colour he and putting over the base coats, he increased the effect of the stonework. Cerulean blue was used for the shutters on the windows and to give the appearance of glass he applied dabs of turquoise.


Small details such as tables, stairs railings, and people, he then included with a small brush and the edge of his palette knife. Finally, after he was happy with the result he removed the masking tape from around the edge of the board to reveal a very convincing looking cafe scene.


Thank you, Paul, for giving us such a very interesting and informative demonstration, which we all enjoyed and learned from.

Report and pictures by Colin Mossman


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