Rayleigh Art Group

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Rayleigh Art Group meets on most alternate Wednesdays from 7.30 until 10.00 pm, at the Cedars Centre, Castle Road, Rayleigh and new members are always welcome – please see Events Diary for more information

The origins of the Rayleigh Art Group are somewhat obscure and rumour has it that it was conceived in 1962. However, since the 25th Anniversary was celebrated in 1988 we must conclude that the actual birth was  in 1963. (The year of the Great Train Robbery and the assassination of  President Kennedy.

Below is a photo taken in 1963 together with a painting (front and back) by Brolly Whiting showing some of the members of Rayleigh Art Group in 1963

Painting 1963 2
Painting 19631







Rayleigh Art Group first exhibited in Rayleigh Town Show in 1962 and have  since run various exhibitions but for the past several years these have been  mainly in Hawkwell Village Hall. However, we decided to  bring Rayleigh Art Group back into Rayleigh and now our exhibitions are also at the  W.I. Hall in Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh.

At the Town Show in 1965, twenty members exhibited their paintings, four of whom were Mary Burch, Brolly and Reg Whiting and Magaret Williamson.

Rayleigh Art Group meets every other week on a Wednesday Nights throughout the year at ‘The Cedars’ Hall, Castle Road, Rayleigh and we have  a demonstration by an Artist once a month throughout those months of the year. On other nights we have a workshop where members meet to chat and are free to paint whatever they want and in what medium they choose.


1 thought on “Rayleigh Art Group

  1. Hello

    I have recently moved to Rayleigh & would like to join your group. Please could you advise me how I go about joining, cost & requirements?

    Also is it compulsory to attend all meetings as I work on a shift basis and may not always be able to attend.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards


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